Get Started with the Process of Making Beer

As some of you know, I’ve been brewing beer for several years now and have decided that I would like to share my knowledge with other people just getting in to the hobby as well as experienced brewers.

I’ve had quite a few friends ask me several questions, including “Is the process of making beer hard?”, “Where do you get your supplies?” and “How much is it to get started?”. So I thought I’d answer these questions in this article.

Lets start with the first question, “Is the process of making beer hard?”

The answer is NO. Brewing beer is a very easy process and I’ve told friends that if you can make a box of mac and cheese, you can brew beer. The biggest difference is that you really need to keep an eye on your sanitation procedures to make sure you don’t get a bacterial infection but it’s nothing to get hung up on.

On to the second question, “Where do you get your supplies?”

Normally I will tell new brewers to check out their LHBS (local home brew shop) but since I live in an area where I have to drive to a neighboring city to visit my LHBS I have a couple of online stores where I get my supplies. The stores I normally use are, More Beer, Adventures in Homebrewing, Midwest Supplies, Northern Brewer and Austin Homebrew Supplies. I always watch for deals on products and shipping.

Now the last question is a little trickier to answer. “How much to get started?”

I always suggest getting a basic starter kit. Most of which include 2 plastic buckets. 1 for a fermenting bucket, the other for a bottling bucket. It will also include a bottle capper, siphoning equiptment and a hydrometer. All in all a basic starter kit and your first recipe kit will run you about $100 give or take. And don’t forget about the things that aren’t in the kit like a brew pot and bottles which can run you a bit more.

Even though the upfront cost can be a little pricy, my bets are that once you’ve made your first hand crafted beer you”ll be hooked.

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